Creating luxuty is not easy, making it meaningful and memorable is where we come in.

Our award-winning hotel brands don't just stand out for their carefully considered amenities, locally sourced products, or outstanding service concepts.

We build brands that have something to say. Brands that tell a story your audience wants to hear. Brands that transform a hotel from a place to spend the night into a destination.


Making every day a Saturday.

What would it feel like if every day was the best day of your week? That’s a question that Sabatic knows how to answer.

Capturing an endless sense of freedom and flexibility, this is a place where clocks stop and enjoyment begins. With terraced rooms, two pools, and proximity to the beach, Sabatic creates an atmosphere where guests can enjoy the greatest luxury: time that’s all their own and access to amenities that give them the ability to fill it however they please.

Weaving music throughout the entire guest experience and elevating «la hora de vermut» into a daily ritual, here the small moments are given the space to have the biggest impact.