Creating luxuty is not easy, making it meaningful and memorable is where we come in.

Our award-winning hotel brands don't just stand out for their carefully considered amenities, locally sourced products, or outstanding service concepts.

We build brands that have something to say. Brands that tell a story your audience wants to hear. Brands that transform a hotel from a place to spend the night into a destination.

Santo Mauro

The Aristocratic palace, reborn. 

The new breed of aristocrat isn’t defined by blood, but by spirit. 

This French-style ducal palace makes any discerning traveller feel instantly at home, immersing them in the luxuries of aristocratic sophistication and service while adding artful and contemporary twists. 

With a lush historic garden, empowering atmosphere, and its very own cabinet of curiosities, Santo Mauro captures a sense of wonder and discovery that pulls together past and present to create an entirely new concept of nobility.