Creating luxuty is not easy, making it meaningful and memorable is where we come in.

Our award-winning hotel brands don't just stand out for their carefully considered amenities, locally sourced products, or outstanding service concepts.

We build brands that have something to say. Brands that tell a story your audience wants to hear. Brands that transform a hotel from a place to spend the night into a destination.

TOC Hostels

Pioneering a new vision for what a hostel can be.

TOC Hostels&Suites proves that for the modern traveller hostel doesn’t have to be a dirty word.

Understanding the needs of a new generation of cosmopolitan travellers, who are satisfied with the minimum but have the taste and awareness to demand the maximum, TOC Hostels&Suites has defined a new category of “luxury hostel”.

Branded to show points of difference with traditional hostel offerings, the brand also captures the accessible and open spirit that makes these types of accommodations appealing to younger travellers, offering them the best of both worlds.